My artistic life and therefore my life, takes place mainly around two arts such as plastic arts and music. I do not understand my sculptural or pictorial work without the contribution of music or vice versa. Over the years I have learned and perfected the techniques necessary to create my works, I have been a craftsman before an artist.

 The change came when I really found my own artistic language, in which I really believe.


In my work I try to reproduce what I am surrounded by, people, feelings, relationships, doing it in the simplest way that I am capable of and that these expressions or feelings can be perceived by the viewer.



My main objective (obsession) is to continue developing and expanding my language to create works that transmit emotions. Although I have had exhibitions in New York, Berlin, Rome or Madrid, today exhibiting is not one of my priorities, maybe tomorrow it will be, but the possibility that the internet gives me to show my work immediately, directly from my studio or the interaction With the viewer it helps me much more in the creative process and therefore in the growth of my language.