En la exposicion ¨trip¨ he contado con la colaboracion del artista antonio fernandez que ha realizado la obra audiovisual ¨inaut¨.

The Radian child

In 2013 I was lucky to see the major exhibition of works by Jean Michel Basquiat. It was in the Gagosian Gallery in New york, and was a emotional moment.

Sometime I to see again ¨The Radian Child¨. It  is a fantastic documental about basquiat.


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Until 11 september 2016 we can to visited the exhibion about Jackson Pollock in Museum Picasso, Malaga, Spain. This video  will help you to understand better the fantastic work of pollock ¨Mural¨. 

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passing strange

Passing strange is of the better things that I seen ever.  I have seen it  dozens times, for me is a ten in a lot of things... 

Mark Stewart (Stew) and Heidi Rodewald are the creators of this fantastic musical. 

 An Awsome Colman Domingo, Daniel Breaker,Eisa Davis, De'Adre Aziza, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Chad Goodridge  are the actors and actresses.

 Spike Lee filmed the musical on Broadway in July 2008, premiering the film in 2009.

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New York Doll

Part documentary New York Doll, focused on Arthur Kane. the reality exceeds fiction.

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