serie ¨solitud¨


This series is conceived around the word "Solitude", loneliness in a crowd. The concept of this word comes to define ¨Solitude¨ as enjoying the crowd in solitude, touring the cities like someone walking through a meadow. Slowly, watching ...  The sculptures are created in steel and enamel. They are installed 3 cm from the wall, so that the shadows obtained give a greater feeling of crowd

solitud @

Steel, enamel.  150x280x0.3 Cm. 

solitud / multiverse

steel, enamel. 120x300x0.3 cm.

solitud #

steel, enamel. 100x200x0.3 cm

solitud %

stell, enamel   70x130x0.3cm

solitud &

steel, enamel  40x200x0.3 cm

solitud *

steel, enamel. 120x80x0.3cm

solitud ^

steel, enamel.  80 x140x0.3 cm

solitud +